Booba Coffee Shop L.L.C

Booba Coffee Shop L.L.C

Our Story: After years of international work in the hotel industry, our founder returned home unexpectedly one day, unemployed. Before long, he began hearing stories about a new exciting drink in his hometown. Deciding to try it for the first time, he was overwhelmed by its vibrant flavors and dynamic drinking-eating experience. From the moment the liquid met his taste buds a light bulb switched on in his brain with a big fat “WOOOW!” He knew he had to give bubble tea to the world, and he was employed once more – with a life purpose! But it was not only about bringing bubble tea to town. Moreover, it was a unique motivation to create a place full of life – that would connect friends and people around the world. A great hub where friendships were made without boundaries, and where everyone drinking the tea together would feel at home. A place where fun and taste tells all. So, after months of studies, researches and development, Booba was born. And now, it’s time to tell your taste!

Our Values: Us people are defined by how we dress, what we eat and drink. Booba delivers you a silent experience of yourself. Discover who you are with Booba. A variety of creative Bubble Teas will make you explore and experiment new tastes and flavors. A refreshingly inspiring new beverage brings an alternative nutritional option to indulge from a classic traditional product, tea. Get your pleasure with a convenient and tailored product. It will make you desire and stimulate for new fun. Taste tells at Booba.

What is Bubble Tea? : Now found in some of the best cafes of the world, the story of Bubble Tea began within a single bubble of a vision in Taiwan, during the 1980’s – before spreading to nearby East Asia, shaking up the Canadian drinks scene, then revolutionizing New York City’s Chinatown – and various spots throughout the West Coast in the United States. Taiwan now has over 8,000 bubble tea cafes, and Dubai is next!

Containing green or black tea and flavored with an endless variety of fruity flavors it is topped with tapioca pearls which are commonly used in Asia, South America and the Caribbean, for soups and other traditional dishes. Extracted from the Cassava plant the stars of the show are soft, chewy and contain iron, calcium, vitamin B9 and essential omega-3 acids.radiant healthy skin. Natural & Organic Affordable Luxury!

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