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In Italy much has been said concerning the difficulties women face in consolidating their professional position and achieving success compared to their male colleagues. The journey is paved with even more difficulties for those courageous women who cultivate entrepreneurial ambitions, especially in the catering/food business.

It’s obvious that we are facing a primary cultural distortion and not an economic one. A distortion that sometimes, maybe even with reason, becomes more embedded in certain territories. Especially the ones here mentioned, where we are working the most.

Journalist Bettina Quabius interviewed four business women who have made their way in the Middle East market and have decided to share the following tips with those who, like themselves, want to embrace this life.

Nadine Beshir, Ceo of London Diary cafè, in Dubai: “never lose passion, never lose self confidence, always keep a close relationship with your team”.

Viktorija Paplauskiene, Operation manager at Taste Kitchen, Dubai: “do your research – culture, trend, traditions. Believe in yourself. Work hard but don’t forget to have fun with it”.

Saniya Mammadova, Owner and managing director at Vapiano, Arzebairjan, Baku: “always believe it and never give up. In every person’s life there is a certain path and, if you follow this path, it will bring you where you really want to be”.

Kim Thompson, Owner and founder of Raw Coffee in Dubai: “have a genuine love for a product or service will become evident in your end product. Understand the importance of cash flow, budgets and operating procedures. Ensure you have thoroughly developed a sound business plan and train in the field you want to work in to see if when you are actually immersed in the full time whether you still enjoy it so much. Be brave”.

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