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About Asgharali

Asgharali has laid its footprint in the perfumery market with over 100 retail outlets in the Middle East and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide in regions from Eastern Europe to South America.

The company’s proficiency in oriental aromas gives it the edge in the provision of products craved by clientele in the Middle East and have even evoked desire from occidental countries.

Hand crafted ornamental packing in sync with traditional culture and values touches the heart and carries sentimental value as domestic antiquities.

The bakhoor product range encompassing natural fragrance extracts in enticing forms bears an unfathomable demand.

Cosmetics comprising of the customary solid perfumes and the modern skin series create hysteria to ripple in its softness, be enchanted by its eternal fragrance and be tempted by its edible fruity sensation.

Gift sets of various assortments are a popular delight for every occasion/ event.

The design of the Asgharali retail outlet is in vogue with modern times, spacious, has a myriad of blends and carries uniformity in concept across its network.


Unique Selling Points:

  • Shortened lead times from market trend identification to product availability at retail outlet.
  • Ability to exceed customer expectations and levels of satisfaction through the availability of greater choice.
  • Affordable prices while maintaining high quality standards which adds value to the customer’s purchase.
  • Effective inventory management processes which ensure sufficient stock of products to meet consumer demand.
  • Strict quality control compliance and latest technology utility.
  • High quality ingredients purchased from the best perfume reservoirs.
  • “Go Green” production practices.
  • Management Team and Staff who are passionate about the product.
  • Strong Brand Loyalty which entices repeat orders.
  • Investment 40000 USD
  • Country of Origin Bahrain
  • Available Locations United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria. Worldwide
  • Development Type Master Franchise, Multiple Units and Single Unit
  • Year of Est. 1924
  • Main Products Perfumes
  • Operational Locations Bahrain , KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Pakistan.
  • Category Beauty & Fashion,  Retail,  Women’s Franchise
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