About TauNigma

Taunigma-Display franchise is a modern, dynamically developing business with using digital promotional screens.

InDoor.TV screens are installed in locations with maximum maneuverability where they are guaranteed to be seen by potential customers: in shops, restaurants, super- and minimarkets, pharmacies, clinics, etc. This kind of targeted advertising is particularly beneficial for both advertisers and for landlords as it allows to post not only the advertising content but also to broadcast the helpful media (music, sports matches, etc.).

Taunigma-Display is a high income for owner of the franchise, an effective platform for advertisers and additional opportunities for owner of sales points.

  • Investment 50000
  • Country of Origin United Arab Emirates
  • Available Locations Worldwide
  • Development Type Master, Area Development, Multi-unit, Single-unit
  • Operational Locations UAE (55)
  • Category Franchise Resale
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