ARAB READY MEALS (ARM), a member of the Troops Cluster of the KADDB Investment Group, is a food solution provider for the defence industry, and humanitarian missions. It is specialised in manufacturing Meals Ready to Eat (MREs); which are quality convenience food based on retort pouch systems and food catering services in military camps.

The Easy to use MREs produced at ARM are customised based on the requirements of the clients. The company has eastern and western menus, all of which are highly durable, combat proven, and cost effective, with ethnic and nutritious considerations.

The ARM MREs require no cooking; only reheating, and are acknowledged for their two-year shelf life, where no special storage method is needed, and also for the pack integrity, as the individual dish is packed in a four-ply reinforced oriented nylon laminated pouch.

The single meal pack ration is comprised of a complete meal consisting of an entrée, dessert, beverage and other ancillaries. The 24 hour meal pack ration has two complete meals in addition to breakfast.

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