Redstar Bistro

Redstar Bistro

Redstar Bistro is an American casual dining restaurant that serves American food influenced by the Arab and Asian immigration to America. At Redstar Bistro we value and take pride in the hard work and the outstanding contributions this immigration has added to the American culture.

Our story started in mid 1980’s when a young Emarati travelled to America and experienced the harmony and cultural influence Asian immigrants had to the American culture. He saw the necessity of highlighting these Asian American contributions and achievements. He wanted to create a meeting place where people would come and enjoy good food and be inspired by the achievements and contributions of these great personalities.

He returned home from U.S.A and created a meeting place for Asian American inspiration. In 1993, he opened his first restaurant and named it The Meeting place, a place where people would come for inspiration and enjoy good food. Again he saw the need to enhance the offer and rebrand the restaurant. He rebranded the restaurant and renamed it Redstar Bistro, a place ideal for families and friends to meet and enjoy America’s favorite foods from steaks and burgers to stir fried rice and Asian American curries.

As part of the Redstar Bistro’s enhancements he introduced an ancient Asian art of theatre cooking known as the Teppanyaki, a style of cooking where your meal is prepared in front of you the way you like it on a flat grill.

Today, Redstar Bistro has established itself as a leader in Asian American dining. We have taken great care to make Redstar Bistro a unique memorable experience. A perfect place for good food and great experience. At Redstar Bistro we will give you a dining experience that you won’t forget, a culture that is Americana.

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