Rice Creamery

Rice Creamery

A group of us were sitting down one day reminiscing about the memorable dishes that our grandmothers used to cook for us as children… The cultural diversity among us exposed the beautiful variety of everyone’s favorite dishes, but when one of us mentioned rice pudding everyone quickly nodded in unison as we found the one dish that brought us together.

It was at that moment where we all realized that rice pudding is indeed a universal treat that almost every culture around the world cherishes… a result, the idea of Rice Creamery came to life.

While over 20 flavors of rice pudding may be difficult to imagine, Rice Creamery offers just that as we aim to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. From our “Crazy about Coconut” flavor to our “I love Kunafah” delight, we’re confident of being able to turn any skeptic into a rice pudding lover.radiant healthy skin. Natural & Organic Affordable Luxury!

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