Concord Enterprises

Concord Enterprises

Concord Enterprises is a start-up based out of Hyderabad, India. In a nutshell, Concord Enterprises is the embodiment of an ideology:

“Fact-based decisiveness underpinned by the association of integral research and transparent communication leads to successful deliverance of business goals”

Here at CE, we instill this ideology in every business decision we make. The dogma also laid the foundation to our core values and services.

We specialize in operating Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) through franchising building value to our clients and an enhanced experience to our customers. Backed by proper industry knowledge and ambitious services we endeavor to overwhelm all of our stake-holders. We are the perfect Launchpad for brands to enter this market that’s growing by leaps and bounds and also for investors to fan out their assets.

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