Company Taunigma offers a complete solution for business in the UAE on the base of the interactive computer system NT.Payments and the Advertising Platform InDoor.TV.

Our first franchise is the Interactive Computer System Taunigma-Kiosk. We offer to invest money in the equipment, which will bring a stable income for many years. The Interactive Computer System Taunigma-Kiosk (NT.Payments brand) offers convenient way to pay for a plenty of services. Using an NT.Payments kiosk, a customer can recharge mobile of any communication provider of the world, pay for digital TV, Internet and telephony, utilities and government services. In addition, the NT.Payments kiosks are able to sell generated PIN express payments codes, parking and discount cards, etc. We are constantly expanding the range of operators available in the NT.Payments system.

Our next franchise is the Interactive Advertising and Computer System Taunigma-Display. This is an innovative advertising product in the UAE. We are working on the territory of the Emirates under the InDoor.TV trademark. We install InDoor.TV promo screens in crowded public areas, such as shops, business centers, hotels, restaurants, etc. The screen can display static images, sound videos, as well as scrolling text. Advertising on the promo screens gives new opportunities for income generation to owners of the InDoor.TV products.

Taunigma offers the unique Interactive Computer Advertising and Payment Complex Taunigma-Combo. The new product combines functions of a self-service kiosk and a digital advertising platform.

Using a Combo-kiosk, customer can easy pay for various local and international services. Built-in 42” LED display is an effective advertising space. The system is equipped with a centralized media content controller for all the NT.Payments terminals’ network, and supports various advertising formats.

Automated payment services and digital signage are very popular in the UAE and bring stable income from reliable investments to the high-tech sector.

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