Kirby Water & Energy

Kirby Water & Energy

Our vision:

Where that water is life, the vision can be summarized as follows:

To provide the latest and best solutions in the field of water technologies, to all segments of society in homes, offices, factories, farms, the highest quality through the development and provide options in the field of purification equipment and water desalination, through experts and professionals in this area, the highest degree of reliability and excellence at the local and international level.

Provide a FRANCHISE opportunity, business development and projects in this area with the latest and best management techniques in terms of training and development and building strategic partnerships at the local and international level.

Our Mission:

Work for more than a quarter of a century in the Middle East to provide the best and latest products in the field of water purification and customer service with the latest management systems, where we started in 1988 to attract talent and investors have been building strategic partnerships through our Franchisee and we started to expand both domestically and internationally.

We believe that it increases our chances of success whenever we have provided the opportunity for others to work and succeed. Also, our objectives and our goals are based on customer need to fill in all sectors of the distinctive products in the field of water, energy and the need for each person of pure water equipment, also to keep pace with development and care about diversity and to provide the latest and best equipment in the field.

Who are we?

Kirby Water & Energy was established in 1988 in Abu Dhabi, and then expanded to Jordan in 1998. We have plans to expand in the Middle East, and bearing in our eyes to be one of the best franchise organizations in the field of water and energy in the region and the world. The Enterprise occupied shortly after its launch a position which allowed us to be one of the first in this area, through unique products and accumulated experience in customer service.

Today, we are proud of our sponsorship of the continuity of the best products and services of international quality in the field of water equipment.

Strategic thinking and our goals:

The provision of franchise business opportunities for ambitious talent and who want to work in this field in the region and contribute to increasing employment and reducing unemployment opportunities. – Attracting investment and investors and provide franchise opportunities in this area and to provide the latest and best technical and administrative support in this area and continuing supervision techniques to ensure the continued success of these projects. – Provide administrative and technical support and expertise accumulated agents and contributes to the development of their work. – Expansion at the local and international level to promote franchise business opportunity and attract interested in this area and develop the talent that who want to exercise and manage the business in the field of water, energy and building a global strategic partnerships to serve these goals at all levels.

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