The secret to yummy ice cream: Liquid Nitrogen

Atomic Ice Cream is at once ice-cold and silky. But how does basic chemistry make this frosty, popular treat a hit all over UAE?


Atomic Ice Cream Labs is the true “made-to-order” ice cream parlor. The ice cream store has spanned to all over UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and now, Bahrain. Part from having core signature flavors, the brand also brags that it uses a special ingredient to make their ice cream stand out in the market. Liquid nitrogen, also known as LN2, is an odorless, colorless, nonflammable element famous for its extremely low boiling point: –196 degrees Celsius. Because it vaporizes at such a low temperature, the gas it emits is frigid. Food-makers can therefore use the stuff to flash-freeze fresh items, such as herbs, which prevents water inside from forming large ice crystals that would damage cell membranes. It’s also used to give ice cream its velvety texture. With this kind of rapid freezing technology we use, the store can now change ingredients and adjust flavors every single day. We keep customers guessing and continually coming through the doors by introducing new and seasonal flavors weekly. Thanks to liquid nitrogen.

Atomic evokes a futuristic explosion of flavor, excitement and fun. The logo depicts the blast of an atomic cloud, shows the gust of Nitrogen as well as cleverly creates an ice cream cone. Atomic Ice Cream Lab’s idea revolves around the molecular gastronomy freezing concept, utilizing liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. Once frozen, we can add virtually any ingredient to craft unique flavors. The true made-to-order ice cream does not need to be stored or prepared in large batch amounts, making each cup that much more fresh and helping save on inventory.

Within a few seconds, our state-of-the-art machines instantly freeze the organic liquid base in the bowl into ice cream. Customers are stunned as liquid nitrogen flows into the bowl, expands in the air as smoke, and then evaporates right in front of their eyes, leaving only a light grey fog show and fresh ice cream behind.

Taste our one of a kind ice cream by visiting our stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. For franchise details and other information: email us at

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