The MENAFA Ambassadors are a select group of franchise professionals, who bring their considerable skills and experience to the association. The MENAFA Ambassadors are responsible for shaping the continuous development and benefit of the Association so as best to serve its members. The Ambassadors are committed to provide MENAFA with ongoing guidance in the many different areas of competencies including planning, member services, outreach and technology.

We are pleased to have on board the following MENAFA Ambassadors:

Ali Jboor
CEO of A.J. Enterprise – Kirby Water & Energy
MENAFA Ambassador to Jordan

Ali Jboor is a member of International Water Association (IWA) and Water Quality Association (WQA). He has 27 years of successful and extensive experience in franchising operations, as an entrepreneur in water treatment industry, and franchise with international brands, as a Scott Fetzer company and other brands. Focusing in water treatment business in domestic, commercial, industrial line, retail and wholesale, providing the best and latest products, in the field of water purification and customer service, abreast with the latest management systems.He started in 1988 attracting talents and investors, moreover, building strategic partnerships through Franchisee and expanding our business domestically and internationally.

The provision of franchise business opportunities in MENA is directed to ambitious talents and others who interested to work in this field, In order to enhance employment opportunities. Emphasizing on expanding franchise business opportunities and attracting interested parties in this area. Developing talents for whom who are eager to exercise and manage the business in the field of water, energy and building global strategic partnerships to achieve the goals of individuals and other business partners.

Yousef Al Sobaie
Managing Director/Partner of Transworld Business Advisors
MENAFA Ambassador to Kuwait

Yousef AlSobaie started his journey in the business world at a young age. Experience in different sectors including; Banking (one of the 2 major Banks in the State of Kuwait), Military Contracting for the Ministry of Defense (Kuwait, USA, and IRAQ), Wealth management with emphasis on real state internationally, and events management for corporate brands in the USA. Mr. AlSobaie was later introduced to the Franchising Concept which led him to become a pioneer in the Franchise movement in the state of Kuwait with a vision to operate across the whole region after becoming the Master Licensee for Transworld Business Advisors part of the giant United Franchise Group (IFA Member)

Mr. AlSobaie is current leading the regional head office in Kuwait with presence all around the GCC. Transworld Business Advisors is a member of International Franchise Association (IFA) and American Business Council in Kuwait.

Wan Arjunawan B. Wan Halim
CEO of Entrepreneur Culture Incorporated
MENAFA Ambassador to Malaysia

A passionate trainer and coach in entrepreneurship, Wan Arjunawan established Entrepreneur Culture Incorporated on 2006 in Selangor, Malaysia. His vision is to be a catalyst by inspiring entrepreneurship as a culture.

His career in the field of consultancy is undeniably remarkable proven by his meaningful experiences and certifications as a professional coach, trainer and consultant. He is also a training provider for various ministries and government agencies and in various universities and colleges in Malaysia.

Wan Arjunawan also served as an entrepreneur coach for multiple industries, SMI/SME companies and transformation small traders. Among his private sector clientele are Maybank and Telecom Malaysia. He is also actively involved with different NGOs such as EXCO Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) and Committee of Malaysia Certified Development Coaches, and an affiliate to multiple clubs, associations and chamber of commerce.

Currently, Mr. Wan Arjunawan owns 8 other companies in various industries and a franchise brand.

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