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The primary purpose of our association is to make a positive change and play a key role in the MENA’s vibrant Franchise industry. With headquarters in Dubai; MENAFA has a significant presence across the Middle East & North Africa states.

MENAFA’s board is working to bring greater benefits to members and increase the value of membership. Perhaps the greatest value of the association’s membership is the networking opportunities with other members, sharing your experiences and strategies, that will help your business not only to survive, but thrive.
As an association, we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of the members we represent, the industry’s exports we associate with or as business partners. Our success is a direct result of our focus on members and their interests.

Greater emphasis is being placed on educational seminars & workshops and we will continue to offer programs, conferences and opportunities for members to expand their knowledge and information that will assist their businesses.

We seek to provide all forms of support to the Franchise industry in the Middle East & North Africa region, in endeavor to speed up its surge towards a diversified knowledge economy based on innovation, technology and highly skilled human resources.

MENAFA will continue to work towards introducing new practices, technologies and materials to lessen our operations impact on the franchise environment whilst maintaining the level of high quality service & benefits our members demand.

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