LeSoie Cosmetics

LeSoie Cosmetics

LeSoie offers comfort, relaxation, luxury feel and timeless elegance – inspired by nature. We offer a range of natural, handmade, personal care products, brought to you from the heart of Europe. Discover how beautifully simple having healthy skin and glowing body can be. Having a healthy skin and healthy body are integrally linked. It is vital that we use health and beauty products that promote wellness and support glowing, radiant healthy skin. Natural & Organic Affordable Luxury!

Why LeSoie? – Very Limited Offering: Very few players in the international market with full retail cosmetics concept – Organic products in demand: The trend is going towards organic and natural personal care – Most profitable sector: While many of retail products are suffering the crisis, cosmetics keeps on as one of the products people really can’t stop buying.

Brand Essence LeSoie offers Affordable Luxury, Elegant, Natural, Organic, Handmade Personal Care, SPA and Soap products from the heart of Europe. Collections of 800+ fresh, fruity, herbal products for every family member with unique ingredients (Goat milk, honey, dead-sea minerals and green-tea) made to protect the full body. We are passionate about the personal care products we create and deliver to our customers. All of our products are free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

Differentiation We strive to create products that are beautiful and bring a very special experience to our customers and everybody around them. Every single day. The quality of natural, organic ingredients and usage of essential oils, our innovative approach, made in Belgium with the highest European quality, the variety of 700+ products, unique products targeting various markets, handmade products crafted by artists, personalized products and competitive pricing are all reasons of why LeSoie is different!

Commitment to Highest Quality Nontoxic, Organic, Vegan Ingredients; 100% Biodegradable Formulas.

Our Products LeSoie is a prestige line of natural and organic beauty products that combine superior performance and nourishing organics. LeSoie products are made with up to 99% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin and help aid in its repair. LeSoie is dedicated to transforming the way consumers use Natural Cosmetics, and it’s about more than simply using organic ingredients. In fact, that’s only the first step in creating a product that’s not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin. Our Organic, Natural and Eco-friendly product range provides nature’s benefits in formulations that deliver optimal results.

Franchising Through a flexible franchise business model of 3 various franchise options, LeSoie has made it possible for different kind of investors to find the tailor-made investment for them. International fast-growing franchise of a proven concept from the heart of Europe (Belgium) growing from the Middle East (Dubai). The franchise system is made to work in any country/city with a sub-franchise fees starting from $5,000 and total capital needed starting from $50,000. Our stores come in three different sizes, designed to fit the needs of all franchisees.

LeSoie Cadeau (Kiosk) – Kiosk that comes in different sizes: 4 x 4 m2, 3 x 4 m2 and 3 x 3 m2. With limited array of products and can be placed flexibly inside shopping malls. LeSoie Gallery (Store) – Shop that comes in different sizes from 30 to 40m2 with full representation of our product lines and are designed for shopping malls or a standalone shops. LeSoie Grand Gallery (Grand Store) – Shop that comes in different sizes starting from 60+ m2 with full representation of our product lines and are designed for shopping malls or a standalone shops. Partner with the best beauty boutique in the region LeSoie has racked up the praise from thousands of clients, oodles of bloggers and has been featured on the glossy pages many national publications. We’ve numerous industry testimonials and our unique concept has dominated the competition. If you are driven, passionate and tired of working for someone else, then join our crew of amazing entrepreneurs and help us take over the “Natural and Organic Affordable Luxury“ worldwide!

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