Mission & Vision

MENAFA’s mission is to bring together the best practices of franchising as these affect each Member country and thereby to protect, enhance and promote franchising through government relations, public relations and educational programs.

MENAFA will encourage government support for SME franchise programs based on the following socio-economic development benefits:

  • Job creation (direct, indirect, and induced)
  • Tax base is increased due to more output, higher efficiency of new businesses, and more accurate reporting
  • Economic modernization and infrastructure development
  • Long-term economic growth
  • Higher level of entrepreneurship and SME development
  • Advanced entrepreneurship via multiple-unit franchising provides higher growth
  • Franchising diffuses innovations across the system of outlets
  • Increased competition leads to additional consumer choices and/or lower prices
  • Franchising education and skill transfer
  • Enhancement of the labor force
  • More expertise and managerial and labor training
  • Output creation (direct, indirect, and induced)

MENAFA’s vision is to be recognized internationally as the complete resource for comprehensive advice and support for effective business format franchising in the Middle East and North Africa for the benefits of economic development.

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