We, at DESITA are proud to announce yet another milestone in our journey! We have recently tied up with Pasta & Sugo – a leading ‘Italian Street Food’ brand, to help it export its ground-breaking pasta ‘street food franchise’ concept to the Middle East.

A Brief Backstory
Pasta & Sugo is reputed for revolutionizing the way traditional Italian food is perceived and consumed around the world.

The brand brings ‘slow food to the streets’ through professional, fully-automated, one-of-a-kind point of sale (POS) units. What could be a better example of slow food than Pasta – the symbol of traditional Italian gastronomy!

Pasta & Sugo promotes the sale of traditional Italian pasta in a ‘quick’ way, while maintaining premium quality standards through its fully automated and high-tech stand-alone POS units, which require smaller work spaces, lower operation costs as the Chef is not necessary.

What’s different about bringing slow-food to the street?
When you think of digging into a plate of delicious, authentic Italian pasta, you naturally picture yourself sitting in a fancy restaurant, waiting endlessly for the server to bring you your order and trying to keep your taste buds from drooling. But thanks to Pasta & Sugo, you can now enjoy a fresh and generous portion of pasta with your favorite sauce in 2 ½ minutes flat – order to service time!

No compromise on taste or quality. And the cooking – ‘Al dente’ of course!

The concept of a fully-automated, professional and ‘quick’ workstation offering pasta does not exist in the markets till date. What’s even more noteworthy is that DESITA will support Pasta & Sugo introduce this first-of-its kind concept in the Middle East!

The Motive
The main idea of introducing this concept in the Middle East is to meet the growing consumer demands of ‘eating faster and on-the-go’ and provide a better alternative to ‘make-do’ and unhealthy fast food options. At the same time, the focus is on promoting the consumption of authentic pasta ‘outside’ conventional restaurants, while promoting the Italian style of “bella vita”.

Partnership with DESITA
We at DESITA are very enthusiastic about this partnership with Pasta & Sugo. The brand chose us because of our years of experience in the Middle East foodservice market; the franchising business know-how, the consumers and the trends. We have worked with top brands in this region, helping them realise their shop concept design, franchising and branding aspirations. Working with Pasta & Sugo will be another feather in our hat!

We will lend our shop concept design expertise, technical knowledge and deep understanding of the Middle East foodservice market to help Pasta & Sugo bring its wide range of top quality gourmet pasta and traditional Italian sauces in this region.

We will help this revolutionary Italian Franchise food brand set up fully-autonomous pasta stations across the Middle East and enable the purchase and consumption of pasta through kiosks, shops and even on the streets, with the help of mobile food ordering solutions.

In other words, we will help Pasta & Sugo set up its Franchise rollout in the Middle East and enable everyone to enjoy excellent pasta everywhere!

  • Investment 100000
  • Country of Origin Italia
  • Available Locations Middle East, North Africa, North & South America
  • Category Food
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